GRB Tools


The GRB approach does not provide a single blueprint that fits every context. A range of technical tools for doing gender-responsive budgeting have been proposed, but they always need to be adapted to the respective national or local context. Each initiative needs to choose which tools to apply based on which actors are involved, the nature of the political and budget management systems, and a range of other factors.

Tool 1: Gender aware policy appraisal

Gender-aware policy appraisalsanalyse policies and programmes funded through the budget from a gender perspective by asking if policies and their associated resource allocations are likely to reduce or increase gender inequalities. A policy appraisal starts with a gender-sensitive situation analysis in the given sector.

Key questions

  • Are policies and programmes based on a gender-aware situation analysis and do they reflect women/girls and men/boys different needs and priorities? Are differences in time use taken into account?
  • Is the intra-sectoral allocation of resources coherent with the different needs and priorities of women/girls and men/boys in this sector?
  • Is the inter-sectoral allocation of resources coherent with policy commitments aiming at reducing poverty and achieving gender equality?
  • Are programmes and projects funded through the budget likely to reduce or to increase gender inequalities?

Methodology of a gender aware policy appraisal
The South African Women’s Budget Initiative has developed a five step approach for doing a gender aware policy appraisal which is a very useful methodology.

Step 1

Analysis of the situation of women, men, girls and boys in a given sector.

Step 2

Assessment of the extent to which policies address the gendered situation.

Step 3

Assessment as to whether budget allocations are adequate, in order to implement gender-responsive policies.

Step 4

Assessment of short-term outputs of expenditure, in order to evaluate how resources are actually spent, and policies and programmes implemented.

Step 5

Assessment of the long-term outcomes or impact expenditures might have.

Gender aware policy appraisals can be carried out by the concerned line ministry, NGOs, research institutes or academics.

The tool can be used for all sectors and at different levels.

The tool provides a broad-brush picture which then needs to be followed up with more detailed analysis of identified issues.

Tool 2: Gender Aware Benefit Incidence Analysis

Tool 3: Gender Aware Beneficiary Assessments

Tool 4: Gender Aware Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys

Tool 5: Gender-disaggregated analysis of the impact of the budget on time use

Tool 6: Gender Aware Revenue Incidence Analysis

Tool 7: Gender Budget Statements

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