GRB Tools


The GRB approach does not provide a single blueprint that fits every context. A range of technical tools for doing gender-responsive budgeting have been proposed, but they always need to be adapted to the respective national or local context. Each initiative needs to choose which tools to apply based on which actors are involved, the nature of the political and budget management systems, and a range of other factors.

Tool 1: Gender aware policy appraisal

Tool 2: Gender Aware Benefit Incidence Analysis

Tool 3: Gender Aware Beneficiary Assessments

Tool 4: Gender Aware Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys

In countries with weak institutions and poor accountability budget allocations are bad predictors of real service delivery in terms of both quantity and quality. Gender aware public expenditure tracking surveys(PETS)seek to examine if funds that are earmarked in the budget for a special purpose reach the intended service units such as health centres and schools. A gender-aware public expenditure tracking survey would need to go further than this to ask who (males/females) within the service unit benefit. It could also check whether resources for items that are especially gender-responsive reach the units, for example money for building toilets for women and girls.

Key question

  • Do allocated funds reach female and male beneficiaries equally?
  • Do funds allocated for gender-responsive purposes reach the intended service delivery points?

Methodology of a gender aware public expenditure tracking survey
A PETS tracks the flow of resources through the legally defined institutional framework (different strata of administration) to determine how much of the originally allocated resources reaches each stage in the distribution process. A PETS typically consists of different questionnaires for interviewing facility managers. It could also include questionnaires for interviewing users of a given public service. In addition separate data sheets are used to collect quantitative data from facility records.

A PETS can be carried out by the Ministry of Finance, line ministries, independent research institutes, academics or NGOs.

PETS is usually done in sectors in which money (and sometimes goods) must pass through several levels of government and bureaucracy before reaching the service delivery point.

Service providers may have a strong incentive to misreport.

Tool 5: Gender-disaggregated analysis of the impact of the budget on time use

Tool 6: Gender Aware Revenue Incidence Analysis

Tool 7: Gender Budget Statements

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