GRB Tools


The GRB approach does not provide a single blueprint that fits every context. A range of technical tools for doing gender-responsive budgeting have been proposed, but they always need to be adapted to the respective national or local context. Each initiative needs to choose which tools to apply based on which actors are involved, the nature of the political and budget management systems, and a range of other factors.

Tool 1: Gender aware policy appraisal

Tool 2: Gender Aware Benefit Incidence Analysis

Tool 3: Gender Aware Beneficiary Assessments

Tool 4: Gender Aware Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys

Tool 5: Gender-disaggregated analysis of the impact of the budget on time use

Gender-disaggregated analysis of the impact of the budget on time use aims at analysing how government resource allocation and revenue raising patterns impact on the amount of different types of paid and unpaid work done and the way that time is spent by women and men. Empirical evidence has shown that cuts in expenditure for social services or the introduction of user fees often increases women’s time burden. The work that women do in the care economy remains invisible in the System of National Accounts (SNA) and it is thus only with this sort of analysis that the impact can be seen.  

Key question

  • Do expenditure and revenue patterns have an impact of women’s and men’s time use?

To analyze the impact of the budget on time use of women/girls and men/boys one needs to carry out the following steps:

  1. Collecting time use data
  2. Classification of the activities
  3. Linking the patterns found to policies.

One way of linking the time use patterns to policies, at least at the macro level, is by building time use data into macro-economic models.

Tim e use data are normally collected by the government statistical agency. However, small-scale surveys can be carried out by NGOs, academics or research institutes. The government and non-government agencies which have developed macro-economic models will be responsible for the incorporation of the care economy into these models.

The collection of nation-wide time use data is time consuming and costly.

Tool 6: Gender Aware Revenue Incidence Analysis

Tool 7: Gender Budget Statements

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