GRB Tools


The GRB approach does not provide a single blueprint that fits every context. A range of technical tools for doing gender-responsive budgeting have been proposed, but they always need to be adapted to the respective national or local context. Each initiative needs to choose which tools to apply based on which actors are involved, the nature of the political and budget management systems, and a range of other factors.

Tool 1: Gender aware policy appraisal

Tool 2: Gender Aware Benefit Incidence Analysis

Tool 3: Gender Aware Beneficiary Assessments

Tool 4: Gender Aware Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys

Tool 5: Gender-disaggregated analysis of the impact of the budget on time use

Tool 6: Gender Aware Revenue Incidence Analysis

Tool 7: Gender Budget Statements

A gender budget statement is an accountability tool which a government uses to inform parliamentarians and members of civil society about what it is doing to advance gender equality. It is an accountability tool because the promotion of gender equality is one of the Government’s overall objectives, and because generally the policy documents of the country emphasises the importance of gender equality. Government therefore needs to ‘account’ (or report) to parliament and civil society on what it has done to take forward this objective. The tool is linked to the budget because unless adequate money is allocated to implement policies, programmes and projects, they will not be effective. The gender budget statement reflects the objectives of the government and the amount of money spent to achieve the overall goal of gender equality.

Key question  

  • How do the policies, programmes and projects funded in this budget contribute towards reducing gender disparities?  

The gender budget statements should be compiled by planners and budget officials in the respective ministries and departments based on their detailed budget and planning documents. Ideally, the Ministry of Finance should provide a set format to be used by all ministries and departments.

It requires involvement of both the Ministry of Finance (to define the format) and line ministries (to draw up the gender budget statements).

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